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Monday, December 25, 2006

Welcome and How this Challenge Works!

Welcome to our 2007 12 Months of Health, Fitness & Fun Challenge! This is a work-in-progress, please have patience as we work out the kinks.

So, you're probably thinking of your resolutions for 2007, right? After all of the holiday indulgences, weight loss is probably the number one resolution on many of our minds. Let's do it together!

Here's how this challenge works:
  1. Each challenge will last for one month each, and there are 12 challenges total.
  2. Signing up for a challenge is completely voluntary. You are not obligated to sign up for all 12 monthly challenges. Take it one month at a time. Life happens.
  3. If you do sign up for a monthly challenge, please honor your commitment. If not for yourself, but for the other challengers that month.
  4. You will pick your own challenge! We are all different - what works for me, may not work for you. Only you know what struggle you face each day. That being said, this is a challenge, so aim high!
  5. You will be assigned a cheerleader for the month. Your cheerleader will try to visit you a few times each week to see how you're doing and cheer you on. At the end of the month, your cheerleader will send you a little surprise to congratulate you for your success!
  6. All challengers will be given authoring rights to this website. Please do not abuse this priviledge and spam us like crazy. You are not obligated to post here. Sometimes posting to our own blogs can be a challenge! If you like, post all your challenge updates on your own blog, then come here and post a direct link to your challenge post. When you do post, please label your post with your name. If you need help, just email us.
  7. This is supposed to be fun, so if it becomes a chore, just let me know. Just HAVE FUN!

And that's it in a nutshell. Send me an email if you have any questions or need help!


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