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Friday, February 2, 2007

Amy's Intro

Hello fellow challengers! My name is Amy, I'm 34 living near Madison, Wisconsin with my (almost) 12 year old son, husband, and 3 kitties. Many of you have already visited my blog over here. Thanks oodles! I need all the poking and prodding I can get.

I currently weigh about 236, and my ultimate goal is to get down to 150-ish. When I was 150-ish many eons ago, I thought I was a big fat cow. Now when I see those pictures I think "daaaaaamn I was hot". My more immediate goal, though is to weigh what my driver's license says I weigh, which is 195. Hee!

My goal for the February Challenge is to walk on my treadmill every day. I don't care if that's for 5 minutes, or 1 hour. I just need to get into the habit of actually doing it. And I've already failed! Ack! I didn't get on the treadmill yesterday. But I was feeling pretty awful. I collapsed on the couch right when I got home from work, and laid there until my son and husband brought me supper, then went straight to bed after that. I was snoring by 6:30. But I feel great today, so I'll definitely be on that thing tonight while I'm watching Grey's Anatomy that I missed last night (hurray for TiVo!).

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