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Friday, February 2, 2007


Hello everyone. My name is John and I am intent on losing weight. Not a large amount, 16kg, but something that has been bugging me for some time now. I've dieted and lost a bit of weight, but then something comes along, and all of a sudden, that weight loss has disappeared. I'm sure that this is a familiar tale to many of you. Attached is a graph of my weight for the last 17 years roughly. You will see that about '94 I had problems. That's because I developed a health problem so my body lost the ability to regulate its weight. It's funny how you don't notice something until it's gone.

Anyway, I was reading Renee Gets Fit, and she has devised a system of how she buys herself substantial gifts when she reaches certain goals. I've never done that, but a light sort of switched on inside my head, and I decided that I'd try that method. Because I wanted to replace my current digital camera with a better one, I realised that I could achieve weight loss and get the camera, so every day I weigh myself and put some money in a jar - well you get the idea.

That is an incentive to lose weight, but I need a disincentive to stop gaining or maintaining a heavier than desired weight. What I've come up with is something similar, if I don't achieve a reasonable amount of weight loss each day, I take what I would have placed in that jar - and I make poor use of it, by throwing it away - leaving it on a public bench, at the library, on the pavement etc. In other words, the money is gone, but the camera is no closer.

Because my camera (an insurance replacement) frankly, sucks (or rather the display sucks) I am motivated to save up, hence lose weight. I won't get the camera any other way, it's too expensive.

My main weight loss issue would be carbohydrates, I just can't stop eating them if I start. Also, my partner seems to have a degree of resistance to my losing weight, I am not sure exactly the reason, and that is an issue for me as well.

Anyway, good luck everyone, and visit me sometimes at my blog.

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