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Friday, January 5, 2007


Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't been in touch but I have been busy with the move from Dubai to Ireland.

Thankfully I am finally getting organised - about time I hear you say!

Good news and bad news:-

Good News - I have started the challenge and am doing well so far, my husband is encouraging me every step of the way which has been great.

Bad News - I have no internet yet (using my mums computer) but fingers crossed will be up and running as normal 5/7 days as I am waiting for the software to arrive and then you will be sick of hearing from me LOL!

Am sure you are all doing brilliant and can't wait to catch up and join in with this wonderful challenge!

Here's to 2007 - whatever it holds for all of us am sure it is going to be wonderful - what better way to start the year than with this challenge, I can't wait to get more involved and get to know you all and encourage you in whatever way I can.


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