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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Sorry that I have been AWOL! January has been a hectic month for me with starting back at university and many other commitments and somewhere among it all I got sidetracked in my healthy lifestlye and I FEEL awful for it. I know I have put on a few pounsd because my clothes feel uncomfortable and my body certainly is noticing the lack of exercise. SO it's time to get back on track which and I've certainly picked a good time what with the new February goals being discussed. I've decided for me healthy lifestyle goals I am going to

1. Make healthy food choices at every meal
2. Exercise at least 3 times a week - NO EXCUSES. This can be a walk by the river, a run/jog, the bike at the gym, the crosstrainer or my yoga DVD

and I've also decided that's starting as of first thing tomorrow - being as it's almost time for bed here now :) My first day will be a challenge in itself because I'm going to be going out for a meal with friends - time to start trying to each my salad and cooked veggies again me thinks - and stock up my good old fruit bowl.
My other goal which is slightly away from eating/exercise is to visit all your guys blogs once a week minimum. some of you noticed my blog is on a bit of a break - that's jsut because I'm so busy with univeristy work and planning lessons etc so I shall just post here for the time being.

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