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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Thanks to all!!

What a group of characters we have assembled!!! I am having so much fun reading all your blogs!! I never would have EVER found them all otherwise!

Thanks Michelle, for introducing us to each other and for getting this going.

Thanks Christy, for being a really great cheerleader! (She was e-mailing me first thing this morning!!)

Thanks Tee, for bearing your soul to us!!

Thanks Poppy, for loving Spaceballs!!

Thanks Robyn, for enduring a Krispy Kreme attack with me! ;) We won't succumb again!!

Manda, I can't get you comment button thingy to work. I just wanted to tell you congrats on the engagement. You have quite a busy year ahead of you!!

Fatinah, I can't seem to access your blog. The IT department has blocked access to that space on the entire campus!! Are there nudey pics on there that I am missing out on?!? ;) I will try from home tonight!!

Lola, I'm not sure that I am willing to try for that second sports bra!! And I definitly haven't made it to an actual fitting!!! It scares me...

Thanks so much Debbie for the great Sean Connery reminder....{sigh, and girlish giggle}

Krista, Jeanie, Paige, and Tigerlily: You guys have some of the cutest profile pics!! I just love 'em even if they do make me a bit jealous at times!!

Joy, I can't wait to hear about your move!

To everyone else, You guys have made me smile. Oh, and miss at least 2 hours of work time!!


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