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Monday, March 5, 2007

Bring on March!

Welcome back to all the vets and a special welcome to the newcomers! I can't wait to get to know you this month :)

My name is Jeannie. I'm 25 (well I'll actually be 26 by the end of this month... eek!) and have been 'dieting' for the past 3 years. The first year I did aweosme and lost just over 40 pounds, kept it off for a while, but this summer gained a little too much back. So I'm hoping to get back to where I was before and then lose a few more pounds!

My March goals are to 1) just see a loss or a maintain every week when I weigh in. I just want the scale to be going in the right direction so as long as its not UP I'll be happy! And 2) I want to get up and go to the gym BEFORE work 2 days a week. I'm horrible at getting up. I can get up at 6:15 get a 45 minute workout in and still have plenty of time to get ready and get to work on time. And I dont think 6:15 is all that early. I feel so much better when I work out in the morning and it just sets good tone for the day.

Good luck everyone :)


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