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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Hi! I'm Me!!!

My name is Cory and I am fat.

That has been the story of my life since the summer between third and fourth grades. I was skinny before that. I'm 25 now, and actually care. I never did in high school, and not really in college.

Anyway, I got married this year and want to be healthy for when we eventually have children. And it will be nice to be skinny. I have attempted to lose weight in the past, but never successfully. I can say that the lowest I have ever gotten in 156. And I could honestly be comfortable there. I was a 10/12. However, I couldn't maintain it.

I have joined Weight Watchers again. Hopefully with their help and yours I will be able to get it done. This month I have set my goal on exercising. At least three times a week, each at least 30 minutes at once. I don't know yet what I will set for next month. Although, I can honestly say that it will not be a specific weight loss. I never do well with those. And regardless of the amount of weight, it's how healthy I am that really matters!

Good luck to everyone this year, and it is wonderful to be tackling a major project with you.

EDIT: Okay, now I'm going to fix the fact that I'm stupid and forgot to put in my blog address! It's just one of those days. Dragon's Loss

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