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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Let's Get The Party Started!

Hi everyone!

I'm Tamara from www.lifewithpolo.blogspot.com.

I am in a smallish town in Eastern Ontario, Canada. 35, happily married and have set my Number 1 goal for 2007 as the Peterborough Half IM in July 2007.

I am looking forward to a healthier 2007 and look forward to reading everyone's success stories, I know we will all have success!

I started of the January Challenge on Dec 31st at our local Resolution 5K Run. Had a great time running w/ some friends and remembering just how fun a 5K is - NOT :)

I have my training schedule for the month set up and once I figure out how to post in on my blog, I will.

Best of luck to everyone in the first month of Challenges. It'll be hard but well worth the time and effort you'll put in.

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